Meet Jackie Deutsch
Brand and Content Guru

Who I Am

Jackie Deutsch, Brand and Content GuruHi, I’m Jackie Deutsch and I am a Brand and Content Guru. What does that mean? It means I can take any brand message you want to communicate about your organization and turn it into persuasive on-point copywriting and content marketing that increases sales and brand awareness. Yes, I can.

I started out in an ad agency as a copywriter for print, radio, 30- and 60-second TV commercials for B2C. My specialty is writing to sell, but I wanted to write more than ads—so I branched out into marketing communications to write, edit and proofread print and video collateral for B2B and B2E targets. What we used to call collateral, today we call content—integrated, concurrent marketing communications campaigns including offline collateral plus copywriting for email campaigns, Internet marketing, websites, and social media.

The constant in my content development: one-on-one working relationships with my clients delivering sales-driven copywriting for all media channels.

What I Do

  • Help people say what they think they’re saying
  • Persuade prospects to buy
  • Improve brand awareness and recognition
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Increase sales and market share
  • Build brand loyalty and equity

How I Do It

  • Provide on-point copywriting, content marketing writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading
  • Write targeted copy and content that sells
  • Craft online and offline communications tools and campaigns that get results for internal and external audiences
  • Create compelling, differentiated, persuasive brand-messaging platforms and content
  • Develop brand story, guidelines and corporate identity standards for consistency
  • Communicate product and service benefits to influence the target to take action
  • Deliver copywriting and content marketing projects on time and within budget
  • Act as value-add team member and collaborate effectively across the enterprise

Who I Do Brand and Content Work For

In the role of Brand and Content Guru, I assist creative agencies and marketing teams in global corporations, large companies, SMBs, and NGOs to develop on-point copywriting and content marketing that increases sales and brand awareness for multiple industries including IT, software, education, healthcare, workers’ compensation, marketing, insurance, non-profit, and workforce management for B2B, B2C and B2E markets. Clients include:

  • PMSI
  • GigaTrust
  • Pearson
  • Fiduciant Resource Group
  • OnDialog
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Manav Sadhna
  • The BlackBear Group
  • Salzer Technologies
  • Groopex
  • Marsh
  • Higher Logic
  • Kurt Salmon Associates
  • Project LIGHT

Jackie Deutsch | Brand and Content Guru Highlights

  • Managed $4 million global rebranding program, overseeing BearingPoint brand messaging platform; copywriting; corporate identity; print, digital and broadcast content developed in 90 days and distributed to 16,000 employees and vast client base in 130 countries on launch day
  • Senior Copywriter for two client rebranding programs, writing brand messaging platform, website content, brochures, internal communications, brand book, direct-mail campaigns, ads, corporate identity system

Proven track record in delivering successful communications tools through engaging copy and content that map to business strategy and objectives, and increase revenue. Jackie Deutsch is recognized for:

  • Creative wordsmithing and a succinct, clear, rhythmic writing style
  • Aligning the business with the brand and content with design
  • Ensuring the value proposition is communicated through innovative, persuasive copy
  • Synthesizing complex information into customized brand messaging
  • Organizing copy for best readability
  • Delivering meticulous editing and proofreading

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