corporate identity-branding

Why Corporate Identity and Branding Matter Corporate Identity and Branding work hand in hand. Some people even compare them to the chicken or the egg conundrum—which came first? Both corporate identity and branding are necessary to attain the critical business goals of increasing market share and generating revenue. Sometimes you can’t tell one from the…

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copywriting-content marketing

Hiring a copywriter can be a daunting task. Content is king and copywriters are the experts who can deliver your brand message on point clearly and consistently—to retain the customers you have and acquire new customers through online and offline marketing communications campaigns. Hiring the right copywriter that seamlessly integrates with your organization is the…

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On-point copywriting keeps you ahead of the pack

The best way to tell if your copywriting is effective—check your sales figures. If your copywriting brand messaging is resonating with your customers and prospects—you’ll see it reflected in your bottom line. If your sales are flat or dipping—you should take a look at how you’re communicating what your organization does and why it is…

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