Portfolio Pinned Up Soon

Portfolio Pinned Up SoonFor now, you can check out the Copywriting, Branding, Content Editing and Proofreading pages for snippet samples.

5 Key Questions to Consider When Reviewing a Copywriter Portfolio

  1. Do you like the portfolio samples?
  2. Does the copywriter’s work style gel with your organizational culture?
  3. Can you see yourself collaborating with them?
  4. Is the writing persuasive, consistent and easy to read?
  5. Does the style agree with what you want to say and how you want to say it?

The Brand and Content Guru Portfolio

Like any other relationship, selecting a copywriter comes down to two things once you determine they have the marketing writing skills you’re looking for: Do you like the work they do and do you think you can work with them?

The best projects are those that ignite the passion for copywriting. There are great moments when client engagements are inspiring and bring out the best—motivating clients to share their satisfaction through testimonials about the on-point, high-quality, copywriting I deliver, with comments like, “You hit a homerun.” And having me select these samples for my portfolio.The Brand and Content Guru portfolio samples include compelling work—innovative, persuasive copywriting and content marketing that successfully hit the mark with clients and achieved their goals.

Working behind the scenes provides opportunities to create proprietary and confidential materials that cannot be included in the online Brand and Content Guru portfolio. These special projects include Brand Messaging Platforms, Value Propositions, Brand Books, Corporate Identity Systems, Sales Tools, Value Messaging Guides, Top-Tier Client Campaigns, and Internal Communications. I bring broad-and-deep writing expertise to the table in all types of communications, in all media channels for a wide spectrum of industries—always delivering innovative, persuasive messaging with a point—copywriting and content marketing that increases sales and brand awareness.

What I can show are client-facing copywriting, content marketing, branding, corporate identity, and advertising external samples. They will be posted as soon as possible. If your need is urgent, contact me for a PDF.

I’m often asked, what are my favorite copywriting successes. Always writing with the customer in mind, but they must also pass muster with what I envision—how I can creatively tell the story and write to sell. I make sure that in each and every communication the brand story gets told consistently and creatively.